Nutrition therapy is intended to help your body heal itself from the inside out by looking at imbalances and dietary insufficiencies that promote disease. When nutrients are sufficient and even abundant, systems can be better balanced and physiology is able to support health and tissue repair.

Working with a functional nutritionist, you will look deeply into your health history trying to find areas of stress on your body that may be contributing to your symptoms. By identifying areas of nutrient insufficiency, you can take some stress off the body allowing it to function better and utilize other therapies more effectively for healing.

What Can You Expect In Your Nutrition Appointment?

If it is your first appointment, you will be asked to track your food and exercise for a week, and track how you are feeling particularly as it relates to the foods you have eaten. During your appointment, we will determine what your goals are and look at your health history and eating history from childhood on. From here, Tanya will be able to develop a detailed assessment and recommendations for your eating habits. Aside from foods, Tanya may make recommendations regarding supplements, eating times, stress management, sleep hygiene, types of exercise, and other lifestyle modifications to help you achieve the health you want to be in. Each patient is unique, so each appointment will vary depending upon patient need and specific physical symptoms. For example, the recommendations will be very different when using nutritional therapy to manage blood pressure versus auto-immunity.

In a follow up appointment, you will work with Tanya to track your progress and see how your health has improved. If you are not experiencing the outcome you hoped for, she will work with you to alter some recommendations to find what works best for your body. This is highly individualized, and can take some alterations to find the right nutrient balance for your body.

Nutrition therapy takes time, and changes your health on a cellular level. Some people experience results immediately, while for others’ it takes more time. We cannot predict perfectly how your body will respond to a change in diet and lifestyle, but we can predict the results will be positive over time. Nutrition therapy is an excellent adjunctive therapy to your chiropractic and massage treatments, and can be the link to helping your feel your best.